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Thai Sauce Series
Available Flavour: Uf:
Red Curry (Panaeng Curry) Sauce @
Stir Fried Basil Leaf Sauce p
Pineapple Red Curry Sauce ڬ@
Thai Satay Sauce FR
Tom Yam Soup V - b
Thai Salad Sauce for Chicken Feet ĻFߥ
Satay Sauce FR
Massaman Curry Sauce Lש@
Yellow Curry Sauce @
Chuchee Curry Sauce
Japanese Curry Sauce 馡@

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Pita Bread Large
Available Flavour:
Chicken in Green Curry  
Chicken in Red Curry  
Tom Yam Chicken  
Chicken in Basil Leaf  
Green Curry Seafood  
Red Curry Seafood  
Tom Yam Seafood  
Stir-fried Veggies for Vegetarian  

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