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Japanses Fried Chicken Series

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Available Flavour: 各式口味:
Breaded Drum 日式炸雞錘 (麵包糠)
Crispy / Spicy Chicken Drum 日式炸雞錘 (脆辣)
Breaded Thigh 日式雞上脾 (麵包糠)
Crispy Spicy Thigh 日式雞上脾 (脆辣)
Kara-age Chicken 日式卡拉雞
Kara-age Chicken Nuggets 日式卡拉雞塊
Tatsuta-age Chicken (Original) 日式香酥雞(原味)
Tatsuta-age Chicken (Ginger flavour) 日式香酥雞(羌汁)
Tatsuta-age Chicken Nuggets 日式香酥雞塊
Mid Chicken Wings 日式雞中翼
Mid Wing Half Cut 日式半雞中翼
Boneless Chicken Steak (100g/190g) 日式炸雞扒
1 Kg x 10 / Ctns 5Kg x 2 / Cths
For: Feature:
Catering, Hotel Groups, Theme parks, Food Service Operation. ( Retail pack will soon be ready)

- Designed and Formulated by high end Japanese customers.

- Currently exported to Japan.

- Unique Taste with Premium Quality.

- No similar likes in the market.

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